Safeguarding Network Infrastructure

Here at Colo Atl, we strive to offer our customers affordable access to high-quality connectivity in a safe and secure environment. So naturally, we were very keen to speak to the importance of keeping IT equipment out of harm’s way. In the recent virtual roundtable, Safeguarding Our Network Infrastructure in Today’s Brave New World, hosted by our friends at Jaymie Scotto & Associates (JSA), Colo Atl’s Business Development Leader Sam Reagin joined industry experts to discuss keeping IT infrastructure safe in the midst of a rapidly changing world. You can catch the entire roundtable discussion below, or see highlights below.

Colo Atl’s Business Development Leader Sam Reagin joined industry experts for a virtual roundtable on safeguarding network infrastructure.

How Can We Really Prevent Cyber Attacks? 

The conversation started with a bold question: Has security and resilience improved enough to keep hackers out?

Reagin admits it is challenging for IT teams to stay ahead. 

“We have to be right all the time the hackers only have to be right once,” commented Reagin during the roundtable. “That is why it’s important to have a plan in place outlining what you’ll do to mitigate it.” 

Fellow panelists agreed and came to the conclusion that it’s best to focus on the steps your company would take in the hours and days following a potential breach.

How Has COVID-19 Affected Digital Infrastructure?

It didn’t take long for the conversation to turn to how the COVID-19 pandemic has presented new challenges for IT security. Panelists discussed how the transition to working from home and virtual school creates more opportunities for security breaches because more people are potentially relying on unsecured personal networks. However, Reagin pointed out that emphasis on the physical security of infrastructure has also remained top of mind, especially as various rallies and protests have taken place close to the facility in downtown Atlanta. 

“We have multiple levels of security at our site, including a two-factor identification process to get inside the facility. We also have 24/7 monitoring of the facility. Physical security is extremely important,” said Reagin. 

Looking Ahead at IT Infrastructure

Panelists also gave predictions on some of the greatest risks that will face IT security over the next three years. With the proliferation of devices, Reagin sees phishing scams becoming more prevalent. Panelists agreed that the use of multiple devices on home networks could pose a problem and that employees will look to employers for expert guidance. 
View the full virtual roundtable below. If you have questions about your IT infrastructure’s security or how Colo Atl takes steps to keep your data secure, please contact us anytime.