Carrier Neutral and
Interconnection Facility

Located in the most fiber and carrier-rich buildings in all of Atlanta!

The Colo Atl colocation and Meet-Me-Room facilities are located on the 5th & 8th floors of the 55 Marietta Street Carrier Hotel. This secure facility is situated in the heart of downtown Atlanta, Georgia, directly across the street from the 56 Marietta Telx facility.

As the Meet-Me-Room of 55 Marietta, one of America’s most fiber and carrier-rich telecom buildings, Colo Atl offers direct and free cross connections to any of the over 100 tenants located at Colo Atl.

Beyond offering fast and secure access to key enterprise and carrier networks, Colo Atl is also accessible to the great city of Atlanta. 55 Marietta is located within walking distance of many of the city’s finest restaurants, hotels and is within two blocks of the Atlanta rapid transit system. It is only a 10-minute train ride to the Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson Airport, which makes our Meet-Me-Room one of the most convenient telecom facilities in the USA.

Facility Highlights



  • 5th Floor: 10,051 Total Square Feet
  • 8th Floor: 16,034 Total Square Feet
  • Cage Sizes:
    10’x 10′ | 10’x 20′ – Custom Sizes Available
  • Cabinet Sizes:
    30″ W x 36″ D x 84″ H
    24″ W x 36″ D x 79″ H
    24″ W x 40″ D x 78″ H
    24″ W x 50″ D x 79″ H
  • Private, Secure Entrances
  • Four (4) Data Center Rooms / Meet-Me-Rooms
  • Rooftop Space Available


  • Each cabinet comes with basic power.
  • Additional power is available in AC or DC configurations:
  • AC Power
    120/208 Volt Power is available from multiple uninterruptible Power Sources (UPS)
    (Available on demand)
  • DC Power
    48 Volt Flatpack DC Power Plant (A & B) with Battery Back-Up is available from multiple DC Power Plants
    (Available on demand)
  • Backup Power Generators – Diesel Storage On Premise


  • Ten independent 5-Ton, four independent 20-Ton and two independent 30-Ton HVAC Units are installed on the 5th floor.
  • Ten independent 5-Ton, six independent 20-Ton, one independent 22-Ton and five independent 30-Ton HVAC units on 8th floor
  •  Hot and Cold Aisle Containment


  • 24-Hour Surveillance Camera System
  • Electronic Card Key Entry
  • 24/7 Access and Customer Support
  • Electrical and mechanical systems are monitored by Siemens Insight software (VPN to access systems from any location)

Fire Suppression

  • Pre-Action/Dry Pipe Sprinkler System on the 5th Floor connected to the base building Fire Alarm System
  • Pre-Action/Dry Pipe Sprinkler System and FM200 System on the 8th Floor connected to the base building Fire Alarm System

Conduit Risers

  • Two vertical diverse 4” conduits are installed with (2) 3-compartment Maxcell Sleeves in each conduit from 5th Floor down to POEs in the basement and up to 18th floor
  • Each vertical 4″ conduit riser has pull boxes located on every other floor for lateral connections to all tenants in the building


  • Carrier Neutral
  • Two (2) Dedicated Meet-Me-Areas
  • $0 MRC for Cross Connections
  • Community IX


Colo Atl: Welcome to the Family!

Colo Atl offers a dedicated Meet-Me-Area on the 8th floor and two vertical fiber risers running from basement to rooftop enable interconnection to all customers and tenants in its facility at 55 Marietta.Colo Atl also offers a dedicated fiber bridge to 56 Marietta and additional carrier fiber available to other notable Atlanta colocation facilities.

Colo Atl serves many of the most demanding and data intensive carriers and tenants in the world.


Colo Atl is home to a growing community of carriers, offering a variety of services.

Content Providers

Colo Atl serves these customers either directly or indirectly, and benefit from the connectivity advantages our 55 Marietta has to offer.

Service Providers

Local, domestic and international service providers render services from Colo Atl to their clients.

Enterprise Customers

Small and medium enterprises in and around the Atlanta Metro and Southeastern US regions find a home for their infrastructure at Colo Atl.

We serve companies in a variety of industries, including:







Interested in becoming part of the Colo Atl Family?

Let’s connect today and discuss your requirements. We offer custom data center and interconnection solutions that can be tailored to meet your needs. Give us a call with any questions you might have!


Colo Atl tenants enjoy access to many well-respected, reliable and ubiquitous carriers, highlighted below. Each carrier is available for cross connections within our Colo Atl dedicated Meet-Me-Area (MMA). Cross Connections are completed same day upon receipt of all required paperwork.

Building Overview

Floor Plans Coming Soon

Fiber Bridge: 55 Marietta to 56 Marietta


Colo Atl has the prestigious distinction of holding a SOC 1 Type II certification. The SOC 1 Type II certification verifies that Colo Atl has the proper internal controls and processes in place around security and availability, helping to mitigate risks and ensure that our clients’ data is highly secure.