Colo Atl Launches Customer Portal Powered by Carma

ATLANTA, GA and DENVER, CO – October 13, 2020 – Colo Atl, an American Tower company, is announcing its new customer-facing portal available at Colo Atl customers can now initiate new requests, review existing installations, and check the status of service delivery on a mobile-responsive website, directly linked to the operational data accessed by Colo Atl in the Carma Foundational Network Inventory platform.

Most importantly, the Colo Atl customer portal enables two-way communication, between Colo Atl and its customers, in context with the exact service or order in question. Customers can also provide and receive attachments within the new portal. All messages and attachments are permanently associated with the specified service or order, painting a complete picture and providing the timeline of events throughout the service lifecycle.

According to Sam Reagin, Manager of Business Development for Edge Data Centers at Colo Atl and American Tower, “We are rapidly delivering on our commitment for a frictionless, highly responsive, completely integrated customer experience in our 55 Marietta facility. This same experience is coming to the larger Edge Data Center customer base, and will also leverage Carma’s functionality and scalability.”

Frank McDermott, CEO of Carma, Inc., added, “We deliberately built Carma so operators and customers can benefit from the synchronized engagement between users in the core application and customers on the portal. We’re proud to have completed the system commissioning and training for the Colo Atl portal quickly, so American Tower can provide this valuable portal to their customers.”

The Carma platform addresses the unique challenges of telecommunications businesses in an industry-focused solution that aggregates 19 different functions into a single source of truth, such as the traditionally disjointed experience of managing customer services across outside plant, inside plant, and logical services within their silos. The Foundational Network Inventory concept describes the need to understand the pedigree of every asset, how it is powered, and how it is interconnected before aggregating those assets into functional services.