Colo Atl Excited to Integrate CARMA Network Inventory Platform

We are excited to announce that we have selected Carma, builder of a comprehensive telecommunications management platform focused on the Foundational Network Inventory for network operators, data centers, and large enterprise, to provide Colo Atl a fully integrated inventory platform encompassing space, power, and interconnection, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), service provisioning, Meet-Me-Room operations, and customer portal needs.

According to our GM, John Ghirardelli, Colo Atl’s General Manager & American Tower’s Director of Data Center Assets, “We are constantly looking for ways to improve the experience we provide to our customers, and Carma helps us improve the efficiency of our day-to-day operations and capabilities. After completing a thorough review of the marketplace, we selected Carma for its ability to tie together all of the pieces required for a frictionless, highly responsive, completely integrated customer experience in our updated facility.”

The Carma platform addresses the unique challenges of telecommunications businesses in an industry-focused solution that aggregates nineteen different functions into a single source of truth, such as the traditionally disjointed experience of managing customer services across outside plant, inside plant, and logical services within their silos.  The Foundational Network Inventory concept describes the need to understand the pedigree of every asset, how it is powered, and how it is interconnected before aggregating those assets into functional services.

Frank McDermott, CEO of Carma, Inc., added that “Carma provides a unique set of capabilities that enables both data centers and network operators to manage all of their assets in a single system, which has become increasingly important to businesses like Colo Atl that manage aspects of both industry segments under one roof.”

Carma links the physical assets of the network or data center to every customer, order, service, and invoice line item for complete visibility into every transaction within the telecommunications industry. 

The company’s multidisciplinary teams also employ the Carma platform for network optimizations & integrations in its consulting engagements. 

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