Colo Atl Employee Spotlight: Butch Bolling

At Colo Atl, we know our employees make all the difference. While we maintain a state-of-the-art, SOC 1 Type II certified colocation and interconnection facility in downtown Atlanta, we consistently hear from our customers that the employees within the facility keep them coming back. We pride ourselves on hiring not only the brightest and most experienced individuals in the field, but also developing a team who puts customers first no matter what. That’s why at Colo Atl, we work hard at keeping you online, but we work even harder to provide you with the best possible customer service in the Atlanta data center and colocation industry.

The Colo Atl Employee Spotlight shines a light on the hard-working employees who dedicate their time to keeping our customers connected 24/7. As Peter Drucker, one of the most influential people on modern management theories, famously said:

Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the customer gets out of it.”

Peter Drucker
Butch Bolling

In our inaugural installment, let’s meet Butch Bolling, Colo Atl Site Operations Manager.

What are your duties at Colo Atl?

I oversee the daily operations of the facility, including all mechanical, electrical, HVAC, and fire and life safety systems. I keep up with the preventative maintenance schedule, arrange service calls, support contractors and assist customers and tenants moving within the facility.

When did you start working at Colo Atl?

I started in November 2007. I previously worked for our founder, Tim Kiser, who now serves as an adviser and business development consultant for Colo Atl. He took the lease over on the eighth floor and brought me on board to run the operations and oversee the expansions as the facility continued to grow.

You have an interesting background in the aviation industry. What is your background and what led you to your position at Colo Atl?

While working at Northwest Airlines, I completed FAA certified courses to earn my Airframe & Powerplant license. This certification allowed a lateral transfer into maintenance, where I could maintain and repair aircraft at Northwest. Early on in 1983, I met Tim while working out in martial arts. With the airlines, it’s very common to transfer between cities. In 2003, I was in Tampa with Northwest Airlines when I was laid off. I touched base with Tim and came back to Atlanta working for his construction management company. Tim knew my work ethic, trust and ability, which led to me joining Colo Atl.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I’ve really enjoyed karate for the past 37 years. It was important to me to earn my black belt. A high percentage of karateka fail to make it to that level. I wanted to earn my black belt and give back to the art. Like most things, some days it’s hard to show up, but afterwards, glad you did.

My wife, Debbie and I enjoy participating in classic car shows with our 69 Chevelle. We are also into water activities. We have a place at the lake where we enjoy fishing and boating.

What do you enjoy most about working for Colo Atl?

I like the challenge of making sure the customer experience is always positive. I enjoy the work because we are provided the means and authority to make it happen. Within American Tower, the company that acquired us last year, Colo Atl is a small division. Our team is afforded the trust to take care of the ship. It’s nice to have that kind of responsibility and to be able to deliver results and help customers.  

The customer service aspect is exciting to me. We take care of request in real time, not deferring to another department or another day. My best experiences are exceeding customer expectations.

If you do what you say, they will stay!

Any recent exciting projects at Colo Atl that you can tell us about or that you’re particularly proud of?

I’m really proud of the upgrades to the facility we’ve completed in the last year, including upgrading cameras and adding electronic access readers on all doors for increased security. We recently opened up Data Center Room 4 on the 5th floor and are already starting to fill the room up with new customers. And not to forget the task of working safely through all of this with the COVID-19 challenge. Our team has gone above and beyond to separate, isolate and continue supporting our customer needs.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I’ve never seen a company like Colo Atl and American Tower where the employees are so sincere. It doesn’t matter which department, like family they’re always there to help. My immediate manager, John Ghirardelli, has never ended the conversation without asking, “Is there anything you need? What can I do to help? Call me, anytime!”

Yes, I enjoy my job and proud to represent my Colo Atl and American Tower family.